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Commonly asked questions are answered here, but please contact us if you have any other questions.

What is the difference between a 'Community' Kindergarten and other Kindergartens?

A Community Kindergarten is a not-for-profit organisation that provides high quality care and education for the children attending. It is run by an elected Committee of parents working collaboratively with the Teachers and Directors at the Kindergarten. The children's best interests are always first and foremost in the decision making around running the Centre.

When will I know if my child has been given a place?
What is a typical day at the Kindy?

Our program provides a daily routine that offers opportunities for fun and learning. Indoor activities include painting, puzzles, home corner, craft experiences and block building. Outdoor play sessions promote motor skills development and offer fun experiences with obstacle courses, sandpit, swings and waterplay. Music and movement sessions and story time encourage whole group learning and punctuate play sessions. Meal breaks are relaxed and encourage healthy eating.

How can I help settle my child in at the start of the year?

There is a Teacher interview and orientation day at the end of the year prior to your child attending Cannon Hill Kindergarten. These events provide a good opportunity for you and your child to experience the Kindergarten environment before commencing. Talking to your child about the fun things they will experience can help make the transition easier. Reading books about starting Kindergarten can help your child to understand their future experience. Labelling library bags and Kindy shirts with your child can add to the excitement of starting Kindergarten. Driving past the Kindergarten, pointing it out and talking about it to your child can also help them to become familiar with what will be their new learning environment.

Do you have nap time?

Yes. Positive experiences around sleep and rest are important for children's overall well being. Young children are active explorers of their world with play and learning being exhausting processes. Sleep and rest time therefore needs to be an opportunity for children to recharge so they can begin new adventures. Even if your child does not sleep, a short period of relaxation is a part of the daily routine.

What incursions/excursions are held throughout the year?

Throughout the year, our Centre provides a variety of incursions such as visiting shows and guest presenters to support further learning. Hands-on presentations with animals, interactive puppet shows and science presentations are examples of experiences offered during the year.